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Colorado is known to have many trails but finding them can be a problem. These handy books, written exclusively for the horseback rider, puts all of the information in one place: yet are small enough to pack in your saddlebag.

The trails described represent the level of difficulty from competitive trail riders to beginning flat land trail riders and everything in-between.  Each trail's name, location, length, level of difficulty, elevation, general trail descriptions and map is included. Numerous pictures illustrate the parking areas, terrain and obstacles associated with each trail.  I chose to reference exact mileage of the trail rather than time which I find very misleading since each rider travels at different speeds and may pause or stop along the trail.

My intent with these books is to provide the trail rider with factual data along with pictorial information.  Books that rely more on a private interpretation to convey information in a story type of format are often inadequate.  On the other hand, pictures speak for themselves and provide volumes of information in any language to fully describe the pertinent information necessary to the rider.

The trails I have included are a respectable representation of what Colorado truly has to offer.  I believe these trails provide a more rewarding experience than flatland, metropolitan trails even though I do include a select few for variety and year round riding when the weather restricts the use of more mountainous terrain.

Since many riders are traveling from all areas within Colorado along with those coming from other states, I initially reference major arteries easily located on any road map.  This accommodates all potential riders regardless of where their trip is originating.

Included is contact information for nearby vets, farriers, stables, bed & breakfasts and feed and tack stores. Trail etiquette is addressed as well as suggested tack and other articles for your saddlebags.  Even your horse trailer contents are reviewed.

                                                                              Everything you need for

                                                                    Happy Trails!!    

                                     Trails are never duplicated                        

                 Now Available!!!

Now Available!!!

        Now Available !!!


  The first book in the series for Colorado The second book in the series for Colorado

The third book in the series for Colorado

  "Northern Colorado - Book 1" presents trails  "Central Colorado - Book 2" presents trails

"Book3" presents trails from

  from Larimer County, Weld County and from Adams County, Boulder County,

Boulder and Larimer Counties

  Yuma County  Douglas County and Jefferson County  

   $24.95 + S&H

$29.95 + S&H

$29.95 + S&H

  22 trails (225 pages) with a 28 trails (336 pages) with a 22 trails (336 pages)  with a
  plastic comb binding for easy plastic comb binding for easy plastic comb binding for easy
  reference on the trail reference on the trail reference on the trail

as requested, note pages added


An average of 11 Black & White        pictures per trail!!

  An average of 18 "COLORED"        pictures per trail!!!

An average of 20 "COLORED" pictures per trail!!!


(Pictures are said to be worth a thousand words and convey more than I could ever communicate, regardless the language!!!)

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Free Shipping SAVE $13.50!

These books are constructed for the avid trail rider, utilizing a plastic comb binding and extra heavy weight glossy pages to increase it's functionality and longevity. The comb binding is a piece of plastic with "teeth" that fit into rectangular holes in the paper. This allows for the book to lay open flat or fold in half. Unlike coil bindings and perfect bindings, pages won't readily rip or break the glue binding when trying to fold it open.  You will find it comforting to know you can wipe the pages and they won't be destroyed. This is a book that will be as necessary to you as your first-aid kit and Easy Boot packed in your saddlebag. You won't want to leave home with out it!!!!

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